Tuesday, July 17, 2012

bad blogger...or, how my muse moved in with me

Yes, I have been a Bad Blogger as of late. My personal blog (writers write, right?, which you can totally check out here) has been severely neglected for...a few weeks (ugh, I know, horrible), and for that, I must apologize. I promise to do my best to keep a better eye on it. 

As for my posts here at ADR3NALIN3, I have miraculously managed to post every time I have been scheduled. Perhaps that is because I am only scheduled to post every other Tuesday? Hmm, I may be on to something there. ;-)

But I do have a good excuse for my blogging tardiness. You see, my Muse called several days ago. She was traveling across the United States on her way to Arizona to help a certain vampire author (see photo to the right) pen her next Worldwide Phenomenon and needed a place to crash for the night.

I was giddy with excitement at her call, but then immediately switched to worry when I remembered what happened last time she made that call: She showed up for one day and then was gone, leaving me with a really good premise and nothing else. I cursed her for weeks after that. So needless to say I was a bit apprehensive (well, after the initial elation wore off), but I finally agreed to let her spend the night with me, deciding to not put much into anything she might say or offer up throughout the night. I fully expected to find a quick little note saying "Thanks for the nap!" stuck to my fridge and all my milk gone.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found my Muse nestled right next to me when I woke the next morning. I stayed in bed an extra 20 minutes, unmoving for fear of sending her on her way. But she stayed! Yes folks, she stayed. We got up, had a very nice breakfast, and she immediately went to work.

And she hasn't stopped.

She has basically moved in with me. She's taking showers at my house, washing her clothes, eating up all my food...and filling me with so many wonderful ideas that I can't get them down fast enough. And even though I've had to make extra trips to buy milk (boy does she love her milk), I'm loving it. The walks we take, the hours-long talks that spawn major plot points and character developments...agh!

So as you can see, even though I've been hugely neglecting my blogger duties, my reason is a worthy one: A new house guest! And it's the good kind of house guest--the kind that gives something in return for your hospitality--not the kind that eats dinner at your place every night without offering to cook first.

So please forgive me everyone. If you've by chance been missing seeing posts from writers write, right? on your blog roll, don't blame me. 

Blame my muse (she can handle it).

What about you guys? Has your muse inspired you lately? Has she offered up any ideas? Has she moved in for a while? Or has she bypassed your place entirely and taken the red-eye straight to Arizona to inspire that other writer?

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Jordan Dane said...

Writers are weird. Thanks for the confirmation.

My muse is lactose intolerant and yammers on at all hours. She's been keeping me up nights for a couple of weeks. She's a total bed hog too, but the dogs like her. She gives them treats.

We've got a new series and we're working on the proposal together. A totally weird monstroscity of world building & research, but I'm stoked. I'm supposed to be working on revising my upcoming release (I'm in a holding pattern until my editor gets me her notes) & starting my next book under contract, but I can't stop thinking about this idea...and these new characters have moved into my house. Damn. I should charge them rent.

So glad to see yours has come to stay for awhile, Jamie. Very cool. Can't wait to hear more on this new one.