Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NaNo No No!

First up, I must apologize both to the ADR3NALIN3 crew and our followers for missing my post two weeks ago. That sometimes nasty little thing called life got in my way and caused me to forget posting (among other things) so I'm sorry for that! :)

Now, on to today's post. 

If you happen to be taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for those of you not taking part) this year, then you well know that today marks the twentieth day straight you've been churning out words faster than Country Crock buckets. 1,667 per day, to be exact--which is no small feat, believe me. (I may or may not be partaking in NaNo this year; I also may or may not be behind, um, a few words.)

And in case you live under a rock (or perhaps in a country that doesn't participate), Thursday just so happens to be Thanksgiving, which typically involves gorging ourselves on turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings, followed by hours of mindless TV and/or sleep then more turkey, stuffing and trimmings. Then more sleep, till the wee hours of Friday roll around and we sneak out into the dark of night to join our fellow brethren outside various businesses with hopes of snagging some discounted Christmas gifts. The point? Thanksgiving is a bust for writing--and Black Friday usually is, too. Which means yes, you now have less than ten days to hit that elusive 50k mark.

Have I completely crushed your dreams of succeeding by December 1st? I certainly hope not. Because the point of today's post (that extra "No No" in the title) is to help you keep chugging along, regardless of how much you might wanna sleep after scarfing down tryptophan. Like those prints you might find hanging in doctors' offices or libraries, this is to help you keep your Courage, your Perseverance, your Determination to WIN. 

So come Thursday, after you're feeling stuffed like, well, a turkey, don't sit down on that couch and succumb to sleep. No, choose that uncomfy office chair instead and add a few words to your rising count. Or take a walk to flesh out that idea you've been grappling over for a few days. Or go old-school, and pick up a pen and paper to jot down a scene or some dialogue that'll make your characters shine. 

Simply put: Don't stop writing, because even though you may not reach that 50k goal,  even one word written is better than none at all.


Paula Millhouse said...

Great post, Jamie.

I'm eyeing the upcoming holiday festivities with anticipation and a little anxiety.

Can I get to 50K and win this year?

I love your suggestions for keeping this little engine in gear.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Jordan Dane said...

Yeah, baby. Nice post. It's great to set goals & make progress. Maybe if you find a Viking helmet, like on the Nano icon, you could make it in style.