Friday, December 7, 2012

CONTEST for In the Arms of Stone Angels AUDIO!

by Jordan Dane


I recently published a post on how I self-published the audio rights to my debut Young Adult book – In the Arms of Stone Angels – through ACX/Audible. The link to that post is HERE. The process has been effortless and actually fun. Picking out the narrator and being in charge of cover art and other production decisions expanded my industry knowledge too. I highly recommend the experience.

The award-winning narrator and voice actor, Michelle Ann Dunphy, is amazing and really brings to life my character, Brenna Nash. Whether you’ve read the book or not, hearing what Michelle brings to this project makes this audio book very special. I hope you will try it or donate a copy to your local library for others to enjoy. Croco Designs, the talented Frauke Spanuth, did the cover art.

I am announcing a Goodreads contest to giveaway this audio book. The contest will start in December 2012. Good luck!

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Jordan Dane said...

I've been trying to create the contest page on Goodreads, but they require the ASIN# & Audible hasn't given that to me yet. I expect to hear from them any day now. When I get that last bit of required info, I'll post the giveaway. Michelle did an amazing job as my character, Brenna. I'm so proud of her.