Monday, June 4, 2012

Reaching the End

By Dan Haring

I've been on a pretty tight deadline the past few weeks, but finally this morning, at 2:23 AM, I wrote two glorious words at the bottom of my Word document:

The End.

This is pretty much how I felt:

Followed by a good dose of this after I woke up today.

This is only my second time doing it, but finishing a book is a pretty awesome experience. (and don't bring up revisions. I'm still on a high, okay?)  It's so cool to be able to get to those last few paragraphs and realize it's actually going to happen, that this story bouncing around in my head is finally going to be completely written down.

I know the hard parts are far from over. Even after I've made it as good as I can, it still might not find a home at a publisher. That's how things go in this industry.

And even if it does get published, it might not sell well. It might get panned by Kirkus. Who knows?

But I'm not worried about any of that right now. I hope anyone who has ever finished writing a book takes the time to enjoy the accomplishment, because it really is a big one.

Whatever the future holds for you and your story, you wrote a book. That's pretty darn cool, and you totally deserve one of these.

There will be plenty of time to plan for and worry about the future of this book, and I'm also excited for that part of the process. For right now though, I'm going to celebrate and enjoy the fact that this little story I've created has actually made it into the real world.

Right after I do this.


Jordan Dane said...

Great post, Dan. And a great, important message (with visual aids) for every author. Some projects are tougher than others, but writing THE END always puts me on a euphoric high. It IS a huge accomplishment that is worth celebrating.

Something I noticed is my need to slow down & procrastinate before I finish. I've decided this is my way of savoring the world & characters I've created. But at some point I charge full speed ahead & finish. Ahhhhh!!!!

Congratulations, buddy. I'm proud of you. Have a glorious week.

Dan Haring said...

Thank you Jordan! It's a huge relief to be done. (If I were you, I'd actually be completely done, but I'm looking forward to the revisions.)

I found myself doing that with the last chapter or so. I knew what I needed to write, but stepped away a few times in order to drag it out. Writers are so weird :)

Jordan Dane said...

Totally weird. Yes indeedy.

Anita Grace Howard said...

Congrats, Dan! I've been under a tight last minute edit deadline so Splintered ARCs can go to print, and I just finished up today. So this post is perfect timing for me, too! Doesn't it feel great? *sigh of relief*

Dan Haring said...

Thank you Anita! That's really exciting about Splintered! Can't wait to read it :)