Friday, April 5, 2013

Podcast Interview & Self-Pubished Audio Book Release!

Allison and Michelle the Authors Are Rockstars! site recently did a special edition to feature a cool podcast interview for the release of IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS audio book with Audible. This is the finished digital audio book product of the process I went through on Audiobook Creation Exchange or ACX where I self-published my own audio book.

You can listen to the podcast HERE and learn more about the book, and hear from the amazing voice actor, Michelle Ann Dunphy on how she approached this project and got into character. Yes, she is THE Michelle mentioned at the start of this post. Check her out. She brought my character, Brenna Nash, to life. I love how the audio book turned out.

For anyone interested in reading more about the process of self-publishing your own audio book, you can visit my group blog THE KILL ZONE and link to that post.


Anita Grace Howard said...

Oh my gosh, JD! That audio cover is GORGEOUS!

Isn't it amazing to listen to something your wrote through a voice actor? I fell in LOVE with the narrator of Splintered. She brought so much magic to the characters and scenes, I felt like I was listening to a story I'd never heard, much less wrote. She even does the british accent for Morpheus and makes me swoon!

Congrats on the audio book! <3

Jordan Dane said...

Thanks, Anita. Yes, it is AWESOME to have a good narrator. Michelle captured Brenna so well. She got all the subtle nuances in her voice, things that I had intended but never thought I'd hear them played back aloud. The humor. The vulnerability. She made me realize how much I love audio books.