Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bye Bye Brady!


Home is where the heart is, and my heart certainly resides with my incredible family. My mom has always been, is always, and always will be my best friend. the first person I turn to when I need support or even just a hug. She is the only one I want to pamper me when I am sick and most likely the only person who I can argue with for hours and at the end of the day laugh and giggle with one another like school kids. My mom is the type of person that will have a broken ankle and still be doing stuff that needs to be done. She is my role model if you will.

My dad is the person that motivates me. He pushes me to do better by expecting more out of me than anyone else which makes me work harder. He has the driest sense of humor (you would swear he was British) and the best cooking skills ever. My dad is the guy who will let me know when a plot is south bound or when I have begun to look sickly from a lack of the outside world (we all have been there at some point, don't try and deny it). He is a jokester, a friend, a confidant, and the best dad I could have ever wished for. Both of my sisters are artistic and bright and make me a happier person (generally, sometimes not so much in the morning though).

And recently as a family we made a HUGE decision! We have decided to move from Eureka Springs, Arkansas to Denver, Colorado! That is over 1,000 miles to trek across with our belongings.

Though my heart is with my family, I couldn't help but over the years I have lived in this incredible town lose a little of myself to the incredible atmosphere and people.
Eureka is a small town of only 2,000 people. Artistic people that love any excuse there is to throw a parade and dress up! The old Victorian town has been filled with colors and laughter of generations of families who have found their slice of heaven on earth in the Ozark mountains.
All of the old buildings are works of art in an d of themselves, fantastic stone work and hand etched windows line the shops of downtown Eureka Springs. The stars shine above the buildings peeking through the vast amount of trees that line our little windy town.

Eureka also happens to be home to the Crescent Hotel, the third most haunted hotel in North America. Creepy right? Built in 1886 it has been everything from a hospital, a bowling alley, a school, and now a hotel. It has gone through murders, fires, suicides and tragic accidents. And now people pay on a regular basis to have their weddings there. :)

I have made life long friends and made memories that are forever etched inside my head.

I have been eaten by vicious zombies ( also known s my little sister) amidst a zombie crawl.

Stunning scenery that lifts your spirit with the wind.
Halloween is never a boring sight. Colors and lights can be seen lighting up the night sky.

Eureka is a town fond of parades, and I am fond of the people in them.

Eureka! Means I found it, and for many people they have found their home. They have found a town that is all about expressing themselves. A town that celebrates creativity and being unique. Eureka to me is a place that will always make me smile, a place I know is enveloped in love and bright colors.

Eureka is the birthplace of most of my novel ideas, and my inspiration for a few of them. I am grateful to have called it my home for the past five years. But I am looking forward to filling my head with brand new memories I can carry with me wherever I go.

Hello Denver.

Until Next Time My Friends
Lexi Brady


Jordan Dane said...

Wow. I LOVE this post, Lex. Great family stuff, wonderful pictures--you make me want to move to Eureka--and in with your family. There is nothing like mom hugs when you're sick. I used to think it was her homemade chicken soup. Love my parents too. Great inspirations.

Denver and Colorado will be an adventure for you guys. Living in a small town is great. Denver will seem huge at first. Maybe finding a home in a smaller suburb outside Denver will give you the best of both worlds, but Colorado is gorgeous. You'll have to explore the mountains and do some camping snd skiing. And visit Boulder, a charming little place. You'll miss where you've been, but keep your mind open to all the new things you'll experience. For a writer, travel is pure gold. Post a travel log as you go. I want to see pics and don't forget to tell us a story about your next big adventure.

Unknown said...

@Jordan Dane

It is beautiful here! Snow is already finding it's way to the mountaintops and frost found its way to my windows! <3