Friday, October 4, 2013

'Tis Costume Season - Help me Decide What to Wear

Jordan Dane

The Houston Book Rave is coming up on Nov 2, 2013. It's the first time for this event and it's HUGE. Over 60 authors will be featured for Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult categories. The list of featured authors is capped out, but here is the LIST of who will be attending.

It's free to the public, but you still need to register online and get a free ticket. You can do that HERE. The event will benefit the Galena Independent School District.

I am hoping to have early copies of CRYSTAL FIRE, my Nov 26th release of book #2 in the Hunted series with Harlequin Teen.

I know. I know. I've talked about this Houston event before, but here is my dilemma. What will I wear to the after party?

The after party is a costume affair. The theme will be Dia de los Muertos (Spanish for: Day of the Dead). Oh, boy. Now I have to get creative. Coordinators wanted the featured authors to not only dress up, but do a little dance as we entered the party room - to be recorded for Youtube. (Yeah, right. My twerking days are behind me, literally. And I've already gotten my flu shot, so I don't expect to go viral.)

My big inspiration for a possible costume came this last weekend while I visited friends in Lubbock. My friend Anna gave me a turkey hat. Yes, it looks like a stuffed turkey - only you stuff it with your head. Nothing honors the day of the dead holiday like a "dearly departed" turkey. If you can't imagine it, below is a picture. Truly inspirational, right?

I could be the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past, with an early tie-in to Christmas, but what else could that turkey hat inspire? I could use some help, people. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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