Friday, November 1, 2013

See You at the Houston Book Rave!!!

Jordan Dane

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I am traveling to Houston TX today to attend the Houston Book Rave, a first year event featuring 60+ authors (including indie authors)—a celebration of reading and writing.  The extravaganza has been heavily promoted in a number of ways and is supported by a group of around 40 bloggers. We had a tweetfest last night and #HOUSTONBOOKRAVE trended with all the live chat. Tons of fun. Got to chat with bloggers and readers and the wonderful event coordinators.
The great thing about this is that it’s a first for such a large event in Houston, open to all types of writers, and free for readers. The energy off the coordinators and bloggers is GINORMOUS. So my fellow authors, put this one on your radar for next year if you aren’t going to be there this weekend. I’ve gotten tons of traffic to my website from this event from all over the country. It’s been amazing.
Here’s what’s happening:

Friday night is a dinner for HBR staff & bloggers to meet authors and each other, to socialize before the event over BBQ. What’s not to love, right?
Saturday there will be time for readers to meet their fav authors (without any signing going on), but a signing will follow.
Tons of giveaways during the event. Readers will be exposed to many new authors, authors will meet the bloggers (and vice-versa) who can be influential, and above all authors can meet READERS! This is a huge WIN-WIN-WIN.
I will have advance copies of CRYSTAL FIRE, my upcoming release of book #2 (which concludes the HUNTED series) in an exclusive for this event, thanks to my publisher HarlequinTeen. Some of these advance copies will be given away at the event. I’ll also be signing book #1 in the Hunted series – INDIGO AWAKENING.
There will be a costume after-party, with the theme Dia De Los Muertos, which is very appropriate since Nov 2 is the celebration of the Day of the Dead.
I will include HBR pictures from the event on my next post here at ADR3NALIN3. I am so excited. Have a good weekend, everyone! No chocolate comas.


Sechin Tower said...

Sounds like fun! I wish I wasn't half way accross the country or I would be there in a flash!

Maureen McQuerry said...

Have a great time,Jordan. We are there in spirit with you.

Jordan Dane said...

I wish you were here too, Sechin. Hope to meet you face 2 face sometime.

Jordan Dane said...

I will raise a glass...or two...for you, Maureen. Cheers!