Friday, November 29, 2013

Wizard World’s Austin TX Comic Con

Jordan Dane

I am no longer a Comic Con virgin. There, I said it. I joined the Writing Ninjas of TX at their large impressive exhibit where we chatted with readers about YA books and signed our featured novels. Our amazing book seller was The Book Spot of Round Rock, TX. The store will have our signed books on sale and on display if you didn’t make the Comic Con in Austin. Here is a link for their YA signed featured books.


Here are photos from Comic Con:

Grp shot at Austin Comic Con 2013
Bottom (L to R): Madeline Smoot, P J Hoover, Mari Mancusi
Standing (L to R): Jessica Anderson, Jo Whittemire, Danny Woodfill (Book Spot)

Kari Holt
Kari Holt as a Zombie - Scary
Me as Duck Dynasty
Me in my Duck Dynasty gear - even scarier


HarlequinTeen made sure my latest YA Crystal Fire was “in the wild” when Comic Con was on – a special exclusive for the event. The Hunted series is complete with both books now being available.

My Books
Crystal Fire & Indigo Awakening - The Hunted Series at Comic Con


I took some miscellaneous shots of some crazies I saw, but there were many more photos taken by the Austin Chronicle and I’ve included a link to their images below.

Hee Man
Hercules and his goddess? Don't know, but they were smiling.


Here is a link to the Austin Chronicle posting of many more fun photos taken that day by their photographers. If you ever get a chance to go to a Comic Con, join in the fun and dress up. Tap into your inner child with a flourish. You won’t regret it.


PJ Hoover said...

I had so much fun, Jordan! Thank you for joining us!

Jordan Dane said...

Thanks for asking me and being such a good organizer. Good time.

Sechin Tower said...

So! Freaking! Cool! Looks like it was a blast.