Thursday, March 20, 2014

The End

The two words every writer has mixed feelings about - The End. It's hard for a writer to say good-bye to the world he/she created, yet there is an excited anticipation for where things will go next. It's in that spirit we end our blog posts here at ADR3NALIN3. Demands tipped the scale on our workloads and deadlines until we had to cry, "UNCLE!"

We will keep our posts online since we get traffic every day to the many topics and conversations we have posted here over the last several years. Thanks to all the authors who contributed to this blog and for the readers who followed it.

Best of luck to every one in 2014!


CS Perryess said...

Thanks for all your thoughts & observations these last few years & special thanks to Carol Tanzman for letting me know you exist. Write well.

Jordan Dane said...

Thank you so much. It was a labor of love. I hope to meet Carol one day. She's a sweetheart. Happy writing/reading!