Friday, September 28, 2012

Crime Fiction Rocks at 2012 Bouchercon Mystery Conference!

by Jordan Dane @JordanDane  

I’ll be attending one of my favorite conferences is coming up on Oct 4-7 in Cleveland, Ohio. Bouchercon is a world mystery convention that has been taking place annually since 1970. It’s open to anyone and is a place for fans, authors and publishing industry professionals to gather and celebrate their love of the mystery genre. It is named for a famed mystery critic Anthony Boucher. During the convention there are panels, discussions and interviews with authors and people from the mystery community covering all parts of the genre. There are signing events for people to meet their favorite authors face-to-face and get books signed. Bouchercon also has the Anthony Awards which are also named after Anthony Boucher. These are voted on by the attendees and given out during the convention. For more, click HERE. Guests of honor for 2012 include: Elizabeth George, Robin Cook, Mary Higgins Clark, Les Roberts, Librarian Doris Ann Norris, and toastmaster John Connolly.  

Fellow ADR3er Michelle Gagnon and I will be on a YA panel for the first time. I’m really looking forward to that. If you are attending, I’d love to meet you.    

12:15 - 1:05 PM Thurs, Oct 4, 2012 Grand Ballroom B The Popularity of YA Books panel - How do authors appeal to young readers and keep them interested in reading? Book signing will be held in the dealer room following the panel. Joining Jordan will be Michelle Gagnon, Joelle Charboneau, Bev Irwin, and moderated by Keir Graff.

I’ll be on another fun panel featuring romantic suspense with Heather Graham, Lori Armstrong, C. J. Lyons, with Monette Michaels as moderator. We may have a mystery guest to round out our group. We’re still waiting to hear. Stay tuned.  

3:50-4:40 PM, Friday, Oct 5, 2012 Location: TBA
"I used to love her, but I had to kill her” Guns & Roses Panel - Moderated by author Monette Michaels, stellar panelists Heather Graham, Lori Armstrong, C. J. Lyons, and Jordan Dane will discuss romance in thrillers. Hallmark doesn't make a card for "I'd take a bullet for you, honey" but our panel of bestselling authors share their titillating secrets on how they spice up their thrillers with Guns & Roses. (Door prizes and giveaways for those in attendance. Grand prize is a NOOK color e-reader for one lucky winner.)

 Prior to this panel, Mike Bursaw will host a “Booze & Broads” signing event at the Mystery Mike’s booth in the dealer Book Room for the authors. Alcoholic libations will be served, a shot at a time.   HERE is the attendees list for 2012. Anyone else going to Bouchercon this year? Have any of you ever been? I’d love to hear from you.


Jordan Dane said...

I will add that I was surprised to see a panel on YA at this conference. It makes sense to represent the fastest rising trend in fiction at a conference for readers, but it will be interesting to see who attends.

On an author's loop I belong to, one person talked about how teens are not your only target audience when you write YA. Although I know YA has a broader appeal, that doesn't mean I will change my focus on teen readers. My choice to get into YA has always been to touch younger readers, but I keep the layering and the complexity to my stories (character motivation & themes, etc) so different readers can find things they like.

So I'm looking forward to this panel. Should be an interesting discussion.

Ilsa said...

Enjoy. I've only been to one Bouchercon, but I love it because it's fan-based.

Jordan Dane said...

Yes it is. This will be my 3rd, but I'm looking forward to finally meeting some of my blog mates at the Kill Zone and others.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy writing.