Thursday, September 6, 2012

In which I've already done the talking!

Every so often I do one of these interview things and then totally forget about it, and then a Google alert (yes, I use Google alerts. I admit it. But that is a good topic for ANOTHER day) pops up and tells me something has been posted about me online. Sometimes those are good things (like nice reviews), sometimes those things suck (like suck reviews), and sometimes there are awesome little professionally edited videos from interviews of the past.

So here are two that turned up this week. These were filmed at the Writers' League of Texas* conference back in June and are through a group called Author Learning Center. The Author Learning Center has gobs of these fantastic videos online (the vast majority of which are other people, not me!).

I'm sure none of you guys will enjoy watching these as much as my mom, but still, here they are for your viewing pleasure.  :)

Here I am talking about how I used to be an engineer (and trust me, I totally still think like one).

And here I am talking about the wonderful, beautiful thing that was Tor buying my YA novel, SOLSTICE (Tor Teen, June 2013).

*The Writers' League of Texas is a great group and totally worth joining if you live in or around the Austin area.

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Jordan Dane said...

Thanks for mentioning the Writers League. I've been hearing about them a lot lately. Thanks for sharing your videos. Well done.