Thursday, February 21, 2013

Armchair Audie Nomination

by Amanda Stevens

I have to confess, I was unaware of the Armchair Audies until Khristine Hvam Kies, the narrator for The Graveyard Queen series, posted on my Faceback wall that we had been nominated.  Now that I've done a little research, I realize what a very cool thing this is!  And I also recognize that much of the credit belongs to Khristine for her amazing interpretation of my story. Yay, us!

You can see a complete list of the nominations at AudioFile Magazine.

Another confession, the first time I listened to one of my books on audio--hearing my words spoken by someone besides the voices in my head--kind of freaked me out and made me super critical of what I'd written.  It was also strange to hear the differences in cadence, pauses, emphasis and so forth from what I had originally intended.  Not better or worse, just different. 

Anyone else listen to their own audiobooks?  I can't do it.  Like reviews and mirrors, I tend to shy away from them.


Jordan Dane said...

Congratulations, Amanda. I recently worked with two narrators on my YA books. I had an opportunity to chat about the characters and LOVED what they each brought to the project. They honestly surprised me in a good way. And they reminded why I love audio books. They both nailed it.

But I do understand what you mean about certain passages sounding weird. It's made me more aware of my internal narratives.

The other thing that can be a challenge for a voice actor is doing mutiple voices in different genders and accents. My hat is off to anyone who can do that well.

Congrats, girl.

Amanda Stevens said...

Definitely a challenge. I was so pleased with the way Khristine did the Southern accent because most actors can't pull that off in movies without making me cringe.

Jordan Dane said...

I get picky about Hispanic accents too. And there are a few regional Texas accents that you have to have an ear for.

My next project, I have a young girl who lives in West Texas. I can't read an excerpt of hers without laying it on thick. West TX is its own beast. I didn't even know I could do that. HA! You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't...yadda, yadda.