Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dragon Eggs

Lexi Brady
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At five years old I believed in magic (still do if we are being completely honest here) and at five years old I found a dragon egg. It was exactly like any dragon egg I had ever read about, or seen in any movie.

With colors swirling together like clouds before a storm the egg felt cool to the touch. I discovered this egg at a garage sale, did they not realize what a treasure they were practically giving away? Holding in gingerly in my hands I asked my great grandma to buy it for me. She did, and then with great care I put it in her purse so that the dragon could stay warm.

Everyone in my family attempted to explain to me that it was just a stone egg, that there was really no point to me taking care of it the way I did. But how could I listen to them when magic was radiating from that egg every time I held it?

As I grew older I found more "stone eggs" that I knew I had to have. Varying in color and size I am now in the possession of 11 dragon eggs. Over time though it became less about the nurturing of the egg and more about the possibilities I saw when I held them.

I feel the same way about writing and reading... The possibilities are endless, whether you are creating the character from your own imagination or are reading a book magic happens. You feel it as you turn the pages and smell the apple tree the protagonist is sitting under, or when your stomach flips as the hero fly's for the first time.

As I plan out my story lines and the lives of the characters I created I find myself in awe (and a tad bit overwhelmed) by all of the possibilities there are.

Will my character realize there wrong doings? Repent and help save the day? Will he instead decide to choose neither the light or the dark?

Will he find a dragon egg that hatches once it feels his awaited touch?

While I wait for my own collection of dragon's eggs to hatch I am pondering these questions of where this story will take me and my characters. A journey long and rocky, or a fall swift and sharp I have yet to discover the end of the road of possibilities magic contains..

Magic is imagination.

Until next time,

<3 <3 Lexi


Jordan Dane said...

I love this, Lexi. <3 I've never read anyone who compared the magic of dragon eggs to writing, but it is soooooo true.

And recognizing the true worth of a good dragon egg is how the Mother of Dragons got her start and her true power in Game of Thrones. I think you are on to something.

Unknown said...

I think your post is awesome, Lexi, and just like you I believe in the power of magic (particularly where dragons and writing are concerned).

I have one dragon egg now, and you've inspired me to keep my eyes open for more.

Unknown said...

Aw, so sweet ♥ I do own a dragon egg, it's light peach, which means the dragon inside is orange, right??