Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mayhem, Monsters, and Magic! :)

Lexi Brady


A few nights ago as I am laying in bed with only a sheet to protect me from the rolling chill of an eerie evening I felt my stomach drop. Coming from somewhere in the dark blanket of night that was encompassing my room I heard an echo of footsteps walk across my floor.

The noise escaped from the shadows which were crawling over one another in a frantic slither that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention, this is the moment when fear paralyzed me.

I try not to breathe too heavily, hoping that I am invisible to this creature of night I have seemingly conjured up from the corners of my mind. My eyes stay open even though I am telling them to close. they search throughout the shadows, seeing faces and eyes that I attempt to tell myself aren't really there.

Born from this fear, these moments that petrify me are stories that I can tell.  A monster that I had yet to meet (and don't know if I want to), magic that could save me, an mayhem that is just waiting to unfold.

This is one of the things that I find to be enchanting about being a writer. I get to create worlds and creatures and lives that are desperately waiting to be lived. Those nights when I watch one horror movie too  many, or when I hear a noise I couldn't have possibly just heard my mind instantly weaves together a million possibilities that ignite an urge to write about what is going through my head (if I make it through the night that is...;).

This past week has been a crazy one, one of my best friends Sophie and I were almost abducted by aliens (true story bro( life sure likes throwing those curve-balls at me) ), I sent off over eight submissions and I worked at both of my jobs, and through my hectic mess of a life I still found the time to write some how.

And luckily I did otherwise I would have most likely have lost my mind by now.. Or have I already?

I feel like I might be rambling so I will let you all get back to your own crazy hectic lives!

See you all in the future.

:) <3 -Lexi

  Lexi is a seventeen year old girl who is trying to share her written imagination with the rest of the world. A young author with a passion for ensnaring your senses with words that want to connect emotions and thoughts to the paper. 


Jordan Dane said...

Okay, what's this about nearly being abducted by aliens...for reals?

And six submissions? Spill the deets, Lex. What series was this for? Congratulations on putting your work out there. You're incredible!

Jordan Dane said...

I scare myself all the time, on purpose, to see how it feels when my mind conjures wicked stuff. Weird, I know, but I'm pretty sure you'd get why authors do this...and why we should all come with a warning label.

Unknown said...

My friend Sophie and I had a string of odd experiences that really chilled our bones. It would take like twenty pages to tell you everything that happened. But in short we heard footsteps coming from an unoccupied room, and then all of her cats started hissing at that room. Even her parents were hearing the noises.

And yes, six submissions. Four of them were for my series on cloning. And two of them were for my modern fantasy novel. :)

Jordan Dane said...

Good for you on the submissions. Even better because you have completed work to sell.

Spooky stuff on the noises coming from that room. The cat reactions would've freaked me out. Cats (and dogs) know stuff.