Tuesday, December 3, 2013


In Arthurian legend Excalibur is the sword that was embedded in the stone, and as Arthur pulled it from its prison he was given the power to become king, he was flooded with a sense of power and majesty he didn't realize he possessed before that moment. The sword gave him strength to do what was right for himself and the world. The metal gleamed in the sunlight reflecting his image, but he could suddenly see a world of possibilities that he has never before considered. He saw a oung man filled with courage and compassion.

It was an amazing paramount moment in his life to suddenly see himself more clearly in the blade of a sword that carried his destiny that he had ever seen in the mirror or passing my a body of water. This sword didn't take away his fear, but embolden it letting him embrace hmself for all that he was and all that he ever would be.

Most people think that Excalibur was powerful because it was a sword that couldn't be bested by any enemy, but I don't really think that's the case. I think that the sword was a mere catalyst for the potential that was already brewing inside of Arthur since he was a child. 

The pen is mightier than the sword is an age old adage that is so incredibly true. Words can be a catalyst of anything, hope, fear, courage, anger, hatred. Words have the power to cut deeper than any blade could cast itself. They can main someone beyond recognition and inflame the soul with a fire that can never be put out.Words can be a weapon that rips you in half, they can make you cry out with shame or hot tears of sorrow.

But then words carry hope. They carry emotions from people thousands of years ago scribed down to reach across the generations and suddenly you can connect with someone you will never meet, because the echoes of their emotions stir within you a reaction you can't deny. You feel a powerful empathy as you can see the life of someone who has been gone for a time you can't yet comprehend. Humanity is written across time with words that fill your head.

Words can pull people from pain and hurt that can't be explained, but merely understood as our hearts ache for someone you have never met crying out with grief, their raw throat wanting to scream but only sobs escaping; your jaw quivers as a character in a book is lost forevermore.

Words are the blue of a cold bitter winter's morning, the comfort of a mothers touch when your head is hot with a fever you hope will break soon. Words are there when you meet your soul mate , or when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time seeing its toothless smile and eyes light up in recognition of love.

Words are the hot spew of frustration after a long day when you feel like nothing could make the day any worse.

Words are all that is the past, words are the potential for the future and the path laid out before you. Your destiny.

Words entangle themselves in my mind creating the most intricate puzzle across the  They move me with a force of untold power, pushing me further every single day of my life. I am a compilation of words, feelings and thoughts swirling together with no particular pattern filling out my features with a poise that only words can posess.

I see you, a mass of memories. Memories that have led you to where you are at now, and in these memories are words that have followed you around your entire existence pushing you forward, guiding you towards a future filled with uncertainty but filled with potential all the same.

Words are my Excalibur, giving me a courage I need to face life. Providing with with an assurance that it is okay to be scared of the road that lies ahead of me.

The pen is mightier than the sword because while we can see our reflection glaring back at us from the cool metal, words show us who we are through the trials of life. The pen is mightier than the sword because while battles and wars may be won with a sword rushing towards it's opponent words follow us all. The good, the bad, the cowardly the cruel. Words are powerful because they can reach where weapons cannot. Our souls.


Lexi Brady


Karen said...

Beautiful and insightful as always. :::smiling sigh:::

Sechin Tower said...

Beautifully written, and so true!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the potential, and maybe I'm being a little bit sexist, but think that men will forever think its because the sword couldn't be bested