Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane...well, Left & Landed by Now

By Brett

By the time you read this, I’ll be halfway around the world, in warm weather near the equator.

Travel is an important part of my life, and an important part of my writing. It is both my inspiration and a source of my research. I often set many of my adult novels in foreign locations, and being able to marry my loves of writing and travel is the best of all possible worlds for me (hat tip to Candide).

What I love to do when I travel is just find some place that I can sit with a book and watch the world go by. This is a great way of getting a feel for how the city or town works, how the people who live there interact, and what normal everyday life is like. Yes, I do sometimes visit the typical tourist spots, but I never do those on any organized kind of tours. I always go on my own. But most of the time I just wander, soaking in wherever I’m at, and observing. Observing is one of the biggest parts of being a writer, and, I like to think, one of my best talents.

I often travel alone, no matter what part of the world I go. Would I like to travel with someone? Sure, but I also enjoy going alone. It’s a great way of forcing myself to meet the locals and learn more about the area. And while I will be doing some of that where I’m going, it is a location I have visited before, so I actually have friends there now who I will be seeing at some point.

When my turn here at Adr3nalin3 comes around again in two weeks, I’ll still be there, but just about to come home. Maybe I’ll have a story to tell you then, or some pictures to share. We’ll see.

So, how about you? Do you enjoy to travel? Do you have favorite places to go? Are you willing to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone? And writers, what’s your favorite type of thing to do for research?


Jordan Dane said...

Oh buddy, I am so jealous. At the KILL ZINE today, we have a post on the importance of listening. You are in sync with your pist on simply observing & being in the moment. Can't wait to hear more & see pics. I've never traveled alone internationally, only domestic business travel. You've inspired me. Have fun & replenish the creative well.

Jordan Dane said...

Oops. Meant KILL ZONE. Damned typo.