Monday, March 26, 2012

SHADOWS, Revealed! . . . uhm . . . almost

I am cursed, and here's why.

I have this habit of falling in love with shows that last only one season or, sometimes, two. We're talking series like My Own Worst Enemy in which a deliciously diabolical Christian Slater took Jekyll and Hyde to new levels;

that last episode of Stargate Universe when everyone, except Eli, goes into hibernation for a three-year voyage which we all know will never end;

or the series finale for Stargate Atlantis which, while getting our heroes back to Earth after a five-year jaunt in the Pegasus galaxy, left them marooned and cloaked in San Francisco Bay;

or, most recently, The River, which, last time I looked, is likely headed to the cancellation graveyard with one mystery solved but the Magus's crew forever trapped in a no-exit jungle whose landscape has changed around them. (And was it just me, or did that show finally find its legs when Bruce Greenwood showed up?)

I could go on, but you get the picture. There I am, invested in a show. I care about these people. The show's dug in its claws the way all good stories do--and then it--and I--get pushed to the edge of that cliff where we're left, dangling, forever.

And ever . . .

And ever . . .

The same could be said for books that leave you gasping, hanging on by your fingernails, screaming--just like Buzz:

REM got it right. The premature end of a great show feels kinda the same (for me, anyway):

Well, ASHES fans, I'm happy to report that no such dastardly fate awaits you. Your wait is half over. SHADOWS is set to hit shelves on 9/25/12 and, to celebrate, the wonderful folks at Mundie Moms (home base for Cassandra Clare fans everywhere) are hosting a fantabulous cover reveal party on APRIL 1 (no foolin'). You’ll be treated to the FIRST EVER glimpse at the new look for the series, including a peek at the cover for SHADOWS.

In this week's lead-up, I'll also be taking your questions and posing a few of my own on Twitter (@ilsajbick) and Facebook. Have ideas about a movie version? An actress you think would be the perfect Alex? Or maybe you've thought ahead and wondered just what the heck happens next? Always wanted to have a good rant at the way I left you in a lurch? Here's your chance, kiddo.

Oh, and did I mention prizes? Things like an ASHES survival pack? Signed copies of the novel? Your chance to win one of ONLY two SHADOWS ARCs up for grabs for this special event?

So, visit Mundie Moms on April 1, 2012, chat with other fans attending the reveal party, and join in the fun!


Jordan Dane said...

I love cover reveals. ASHES was a great read. Can't wait to read more. I'm writing the ending scenes to book #1 in my HUNTED series for Harlequin Teen. Took a lot of thought on how to give the reader a satisfying ending yet leave them wanting more. Have fun at Mundie Moms. I'll be there.

Ilsa said...

Excellent on all counts, Jordan!

ODell @ Book Twirps said...

Awesome. I'll be there. I LOVED "Ashes" as did a ton of my blog followers. They picked it as one of the top books of 2011. Can't wait for the next book.

Anita Grace Howard said...

Congrats, Ilsa! This is ROCKtastic! Can't wait to see the cover... I love all of your ASHES ones, from domestic to foreign. :)

Michelle said...

Can't wait to read it, I loved Ashes!