Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Things I've Learned Since Becoming Published

Just in case you may not have noticed, my very first published book was released about 4 months ago (it's still crazy surreal to say that, lol), and I thought it the perfect time to take a look at what all I've learned since then. 

In the syle of David Letterman, here's 

The Top Ten Things I've Learned 
Since Becoming A Published Author

10. Book Two is even harder to write than Book One.

9. I'm still just as unsure of my ability to form coherent sentences as ever.

8. Promoting oneself is probably the hardest part of the process.

7. Self doubt is like Tax Day or your grandparent's birthday--it sneaks up and
smacks you in the face before you know it.

6. Just when you think you've learned all the rules,
you find out that the rules can be broken.

5. The Internet: The real reason 99.99% of writers release a book but once a year.

4. Social Media is an awesome way to pimp your book.

3. Starting a new project while simultaneously worrying non-stop
about your debut novel makes for many a sleepless night.

2. Sales are not the most important thing.

1. Getting an email/tweet/DM from someone who loved your book
makes 2-10 totally worth it.


Anita Grace Howard said...

Great post, Jamie! And #7 has made an ugly appearance on my doorstep. I think it's impossible to shake that kind of neurosis. Here's hoping I can just learn to cope with it. Heh.

Jordan Dane said...

Great post, Jamie. Had me chuckling too, especially 5 & 6.

Here's a tip I learned & still find helpful to remind myself. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN CONTROL IS THE WRITING. It's the joy you will continue to have creating worlds & characters for your readers. Wrap yourself up in it like it's a hug. It's what will sustain you when other things get you down.

Second point. It's human nature to have doubts. We all do, whether we admit it or not. But you have a talent that you must trust now, the talent that got someone to invest in you as a writer (from your publisher to your readers who buy your books). That talent won't let you down. It sticks & gets better with age (life's experiences) like a fine wine. It's your writer's voice & storytelling instincts. It's what made you a writer in the first place & will keep you a storyteller for the rest of your life.

Writing is the fun part. Submerse yourself in it & let your passion for it embrace & hold you. It won't let you down.

Angela V. Cook said...

This post is fantastic! Even though I'm not published, I could TOTALLY relate to most of these (especially #5 ;)

Maureen McQuerry said...

So, true. Even with a debut novel out, I still find myself feeling like an imposter writer. Like someone can pull my writer identity card at any moment. Wait! I don't even have a writer identity card. Should I have gotten one? I wonder if that feeling ever goes away.

Jordan Dane said...

Maureen--You cracked me up with your writer ID card. I still tell people that it feels like I'm that kid who sneaks into the circus without paying. Someone will find me and kick me out. What is up with that?!