Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hi from the new Weekend Warrior!

Hey! It's P. J. Hoover here, the newest blogger here on ADR3NALIN3.

 This is me! Hi!

Here are a few quick things about me because I want to say hello!

  1. Yes, I'm new to the blog. I'm thrilled to be here! Why blogging? Why me? Well, as it turns out, I actually love to blog. Places you might already find me are:
    1. My own personal blog
    2. The Enchanted Inkpot YA Fantasy blog
    3. The Texas Sweethearts & Scoundrels blog
    4. If you really care, you can check out my website which probably has more information than you ever wanted to know about me
  2. I am the "Weekend Warrior" here on ADR3NALIN3. As to what exactly that means, I'm not quite sure. Some reasons I might be right for this "Weekend Warrior" job are:
    1. I battle monsters in MMO games on the weekends (and often on weeknights during the summer and holiday breaks). My favorite MMO is Wizard101, and if you don't play, you're seriously missing out. It makes for fantastic family time!
      I think I look kind of cool!
    2. I swing giant kung fu weapons around, but this actually happens to be mostly during the weekend. Except for today when I'll be heading to a 3 hour seminar to learn a drunken immortal form. Cool, right?
    3. I attempt to keep peace between my two kids. This is the trickiest of the three.
  3. I have 2 books coming out from Tor (who is just such an amazing publisher that it makes me all squishy and warm inside.
    1. SOLSTICE (Tor Teen, June 2013) is a young adult dystopian/mythology story. It's set in the future where global warming is basically killing the earth. And yeah, there's a girl. And a guy. And the Underworld. And then stuff happens. I've seen some sneak sketches for the cover, and I'm getting pretty psyched for it! You can find more about it here.
    2. TUT (Tor Children's, Winter 2014) is a middle grade mythology story about King Tut who's this 14 year old kid who's immortal and lives in modern day Washington DC. He's trying to find the afterworld while running from his evil uncle and a crazy cult. You can find more about it here.
  4. I used to be an engineer, so I tend to look at writing as a very methodical process. I write a first draft. I revise the heck out of it. And then I revise again and again until it's good enough to tape out (engineering humor, sorry). When I write posts about writing, please keep this engineering thing in mind and forgive me for it.
  5. Because I used to be an engineer, I love all sorts of nerdy things. I refer to these dorky things as often as I possibly can.
  6. I think every book needs at least one Star Trek reference. And song lyrics from the 60s, 70s, or 80s hidden within the pages.
  7. ADR3NALIN3 is very hard to type! I am hoping I will get better at this! :)
  8. Since we're now such great friends, you can call me Tricia!
    1. The P in P. J. is for Patricia
    2. The J in P. J. is for a really long Polish maiden name
So anyway, I'm thrilled to be here and among such great blogging company! Looking forward to lots of fun blogging together!

Happy Weekend!


Keri Mertens Rabe said...

I love you for many reasons, and now this blog is just one more reason!!

Jordan Dane said...

PJ---YAY!! So happy to see your first post. Vunderbar. Try abreviating our blog ADR3. Works for me. Welcome, welcome. Great to have another Texas author here, but the world building you bring to your books will be a great addition here.

Weekend Warrior came from the Hans & Franz twins picture we have on our sidebar. One of them was a zombie. I forget which, but the other one was gorgeous. They hosted a special cooking segment and shared their favorite human brains recipe. A real hit. So you have a lot to live up to. Just sayin.'

PJ Hoover said...

Ah, you are so sweet, Keri! Right back at you!

Thanks, Jordan! I'm psyched to be here. And LOL on the ADR3. I will :)
Oy, that is a bunch to live up to. And cooking, too, which is not my specialty.

Jordan Dane said...

So you get your human brains from HEB Marketplace deli? Smart.

Paula Millhouse said...

Hi there Tricia,

I'm all in for the Star Trek references and the hidden song lyrics.

That's great news about your books, and it's great to meet you here on ADR3.

Paula Millhouse

PJ Hoover said...

Hi Paula, and thanks! I especially like the song lyrics thing because I always wonder if anyone picks up on them :) It's nice to meet you, too!