Thursday, May 16, 2013

Alt. Girl

Dear ADR3NALIN3 readers,

I'm the new alt. Thursday author and I thought we should get to know each other as our meet-cute!

It seems I've been writing forever, that my journals and I have never been apart, that every waking hour was spent waiting until I can finally put to paper what's boiling deep inside - but it hasn't. In fact, it's been 9 years since I realized how much I loved to write... and it didn't come cheap, either.

Working in a prestigious company with a good salary and few advantages was nothing compared to an extensive course in London, completing a Master's in screenwriting, living my dream for this one year. So I quit that job, sublet my apartment, said goodbye to everything I knew and flew overseas to the city that still feels like home. It happened there, that moment when you fall in love with something that's been there all along, but you just didn't quite know it: writing. Back then it was screenplays and the power of dialogue, revealing through images what words could not, and finding the balance between one-liners and monologues – it was tough, at times brutal and painful, but I loved every torturous second of it.

Then it was time to come back home – on the other side of the pond in Canadaland with its lack of proper tea houses and too many normal-accented folks - and did what good screenwriters (with film production backgrounds) should do: I wrote, directed and produced three short films. These were my projects with actors I'd hand-picked and technicians I'd interviewed, this was my time to shine, to fall in love with film again... And nothing, not even a pitter-patter or a heartbreak, because I came to face the facts: I've moved on, I was in love with writing and I wanted to be alone in my dungeon and not making films, anymore. How's that for student loans and a maxed out Visa card on film stock and equipment??

It's time like these you grow up, the moment that changes your life forever; not when you pack your bags or walk on foreign soil, but when you quit that old dream to become who you're meant to be. It's hard, I'll give you that, and it hurts at times, but then you receive that magazine with your first published story in it, with your name in print, and it's all worth it. In the end, through the fog of regrets and the shreds of remorse, the new dream wins.

For nine years, it's been me and my friends and betas and critique partners; for nine years, my stories have been shared with a limited number of people. Until now that my first book is out and people are actually reading it. How does it feel? Like I never wasted a day of my life, that everything I've done brought me here, and that it's only the beginning.

I can't wait to get to know you, ADR3NALIN3 reader, so drop me a comment about your dreams, writing, reading - anything that makes your life worthwhile:)

Lots of spooks,
anne ♥

So what is that book called Girls & Monsters? It's a collection of dark novellas for young adult (or anyone who wants to read it, I'm not ageist) where girls become who they're meant to be. But for me, it's the result of years of fine-tuning my voice, of finding my way into this crazy and ever-changing publishing world, and discovering that being a writer is who I have become.
Since I want to share Girls & Monsters with you guys, here's a chance to win an autographed softcover copy!! The international giveaway ends on June 28th and the winner will be picked by Good luck, keep calm, and be dark.
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Jordan Dane said...

WELCOME to ADR3, Anne. You were a guest once and impressed us so much, we asked (BEGGED) you to join the madness.

Your book - Girls & Monsters - has the most stunning cover. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I've tweeted it to the blogosphere.

I'm very impressed with your background. Love London too...and the fact that you have screen writing experience. That's a great thing for a writer. Best of luck on your book release.

Welcome to ADR3!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, JD:)

So happy to be part of ADR3, and so excited about meeting all of you:)


Anita Grace Howard said...

Hey there Dark Lady! Welcome, welcome. It's so nice to have you on board! I'm so impressed that you've been writing for nine years! That's some serious tenacity. :) You can certainly see it in your lovely morbid prose.

I'll tweet up your contest!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Dear Girl;)

Not sure if it's tenacity or plain insanity - maybe a bit of both??

Thanks for the pimpage ♥

Sechin Tower said...

Glad to meet you, Anne!
You seem like an INCREDIBLY brave person for jumping in to authorship the way you did. You have my undying admiration.

Your book looks awesome! I'll help spread the word about the giveaway, too.

Sechin Tower said...

Glad to meet you, Anne!
You seem like an INCREDIBLY brave person for jumping in to authorship the way you did. You have my undying admiration.

Your book looks awesome! I'll help spread the word about the giveaway, too.

Anonymous said...


Mary Preston said...

Unexplained noises in the night scare me.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Shewin:) I won't lie, there were times I thought of quitting, but things are looking slightly brighter, now:))

Heights aren't good with me, either, CalicoLady...

Unexplained noises at night are the inspiration for my third collection, Girls & Ghosts. I'm no fan either, Mary:)