Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where do I go from here? Girls & Ghosts Edition

Here's one of my not-so-secret secrets: I have tons of journals filled with ideas and a bunch of half-written stories dispersed in my computer. Oh no sir, I'm not the type of writer who leaves projects unfinished, but it happens that after starting a plot, its complexity or direction isn't working for me. So I let go more than abandon, because one day, I'll come back to it – and I always do.

Not this time, folks. Only fresh ideas for this new collection of ghostly stories where girls confront their deepest fears... and I'm actually scared. Of course I've been thinking about this project for a while, so ideas are slowly growing into creepy plots, but there's nothing already written on my plate like my past collections of novellas, and it makes me jittery.


So what is a girl to do? I'm trying to grasp as much information as I can, about things we don't fully understand with the little evidence out there. Like a junkie, I'm watching all these ghost hunters shows where people go willingly to haunted places to poke at spirits and gather EVPs, images of shadow figures and responsive communication – if any. Sceptic or not, it's beginning to form in my mind: girls who are scared, girls who don't believe, girls who are trying to help, girls who see dead people, and girls who won't confront the truth. And very slowly, they tell me their stories and how they deal with the fact that in the end we all die, and that we might become ghosts ourselves.

And then some miracle happens and someone captures such inspiring pictures, I completely lose my breath – and I'm still trying to catch it. Neil Gaiman posted this abandoned amusement park on Tumblr


Haunted, much? Seriously, look at the fog and the plants invading the structures – you can almost hear the screams of glee as the roller coaster rides down the rusty rails. But it's only an echo, because like many other places in New Orleans, it never got over the catastrophic disaster and it's slowly dying after being deserted and forgotten.

I can't forget, though – a bit like those ghosts who can't let go of what they knew and who they loved and how they used to be. So that will be my inspiration, an homage to people who are gone, places that are falling apart, and things we used to believe in.


Wish me luck? I need it, embarking on this Girls & Ghosts quest to give a voice to those who don't have any. One thing for sure: dark it will be, I promise.


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Jordan Dane said...

Love these images. Very haunting. I love reading ghosty stories. Who hadn't been scared by one? I've been on ghost hunts before. Love the adrenaline rush.

Unknown said...

Wow, did you 'catch' anything? I wonder if I would...then again, I'm so tall and expressive, I'd probably be the one scaring them away:)

Jordan Dane said...

I went with a group of 25 authors and we toured haunted Tulsa with a team of ghost hunters. We all had a moment at the Gilchrist mansion, very haunted and spooky in the dark, where all of our cameras and video recorders wouldn't operate due to battery problems. The batteries were freshly juiced, then began operating again after we left. No one doubted we had an "incident."

Anita Grace Howard said...

What a lush and haunting post! My daughter is in love with all things ghostly. For a while she was sure she wanted to be a ghost hunter. JD, she would've been so jealous of oyour author's field trip!

I'll be sure and send my girl this post so she can read it and enjoy those fantastic pics!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Anita:)) Neil Gaiman is not only a great writer, he can photograph ghostly places, too!

If we ever meet, JD, we're going on a ghost haunt:))

Jordan Dane said...

Definitely. Or a midnight cemetary run.

Sechin Tower said...

If these pictures don't inspire you, I don't know what will! A place like that just begs to have a ghost story written.

Thank you for sharing!