Saturday, September 28, 2013

Having A Good Support System


Having a good support system, in real life and in your novels is the key to a successful story and plot. In real life I often hear from people, "Writing isn't a real job." Or, "That's a nice hobby." Which to me is like saying to The Beatles that creating music isn't a real job. If you are passionate about something whether it's writing, singing, dancing, painting it becomes a part of you. A piece of your soul that you know that you can never live without. It helps keep you sane and brings a joy to your life that no other things can provide.

Having people that will support you along your journey to finding out your own unique style of creativity is fundamental. Honestly, I don't know where I would be in life without my family and a few of my close friends. They offer me words of wisdom, and some times snippets of advise that aren't so wise.

When I feel like I have hit a block in the road I know I can't scale or find a way over the words of comfort that are offered by the people closest to me slowly break down the barricade in my head.

 When I have had a bad day and I know my little sister will be able to pull me from whatever stupod I have manage to fall into.

(She is also super cute which doesn't hurt in the making me happy. Just look at that grin. )

When my characters have decided to run wild and do things that are driving me completely mad I know I can always turn to my cousin Morgan because she understands what I am going through and she simplifies the mess in my head.

(She is also very cute. Note the cheeks and the smile.)

And when I have absolutely no clue where to go with a book and I am desperate for some inspiration I look towards my incredible friends that make me laugh until I can hardly breathe and I look like a lunatic.

A good support system isn't only needed in real life but in your stories as well. You create a web of characters that help push the plot along with their sarcastic quips and wise adages. building these characters and the bonds between them and your protaganist are what bring a story to life. The connection between the characters and what they face together or help each other through pulls you into the web of memories.

As the support system for your protagonist is developed so is an attachement that can't be severed between you and the world you are imagining.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you, that make you laugh and enjoy the moments you spend with them. Spend time with people that infuriate you, or that you find strange. Take comfort from your family and your friends and write. Write, take a break to drink some tea and write some more. Maybe the only piece of advise you will find in this is to hang out with cute people. But that's okay.

LLAP my friends. Until next time.

--Lexi Brady


Anonymous said...

Awe! I Love You So Much Lex!!!

Jordan Dane said...

I love this...and you look most excellent in purple hair. xxoo