Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Procrastination At Its Finest


Not really, but I do need to bust this bad habit I have developed with old age. I continued to put off everything I had set my mind to do for four solid months in a row. I have yet to touch my underdeveloped and mistreated novel in progress, started and never finished fifteen scholarship applications because I cannot face the fact that I graduate next year, and I have yet to open a non-school related book. A monster is the definition of what I have become, and I am wondering if there are any other beasts I can converse with over this matter. My dearest authors and beloved writers; how on earth do you stay motivated?

Well, a fire has officially been lit under my rear. I have recently been given an opportunity to possibly intern at a local newspaper, so I really need to kick it in gear. Plus, I have a darling mother who continually reminds me that "if you have a book published, I'm sure any college would love to pay for you to attend". Yes, I understand. Stop telling me. Please.

Is there a secret to this whole "being a successful writer" thing? As in I should start meditating and making sacrifices to the gods of literature; because I would totally slay a raven to honor Poe or fight to save John Coffey for the sake of Stephen King, maybe even create a man out of spare parts or take a journey to the center of the Earth. Is my lack of triumph in finishing something because my name is lame? That would make more sense than anything else honestly.

Or, I can blame school! Yes! That is the thing to do; blame the educational system for my troubles like a good student would do. I have been working awfully hard and all I have to show is a pathetic grade in Calculus and a thirty minute master piece in English. (What is that? Well, I'll have you know that I wrote a magnificent research paper in a little over half an hour. I received a perfect score on the AP grading scale. Horn tooting is over now...) Don't believe me? Check it out.

In all seriousness, I do not believe there is a secret. Immature and undisciplined, lacking the ability to create deadlines for myself. I do hope that trait begins to shine through in about a year or so... Either way, I have great respect for anyone how can finish writing anything at all. I barely finish my blog posts, and yet, I always manage to finish my pizza. In the near future, a way to combine writing and eating should be created. (No, restaurant reviewing is not what I am thinking of, but nice try.)

This is my year of finishing. This year I shall finish what I have started; including my brain-child "The Pond", at least a few scholarships, and even finish a work out because I know that is most definitely needed. Jordan should hold me to this, just like my mother; I want the book finished and ready to take to San Antonio this summer to pitch it. If it is not ready, I am not allowed to go. And I am not going to miss an opportunity to see the lovely Jordan Dane so expect great things come.

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant holiday season, and if you did make a resolution or two, I hope you stick to 'em. (:


Unknown said...

I used to be a chronic procrastinator (if that's really a word). But I've found a few ways to finally overcome procrastination. If you're interested I've written a short article, which I've linked below.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! This is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...
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Sechin Tower said...

It is said that the key to greatness is to do amazing things while procrastinating even more amazing things.

Sometimes, you have to fill up your head before you can get anything out of it. Even calculus can help you be a better writing if for no other reason than the experience.

Anonymous said...

I think you're onto something Sechin (: