Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Muse is Gizmo, Rambo Style.

by A.G. Howard

Some time back, I stumbled upon a traveling blog question:

How would you personify your muse?

I knew immediately where to go with that question. The movies. If you've never seen the fabulous and fun 1980's flick, The Gremlins, here's a sneak peak:

Why am I showing you this?

Because my muse is sometimes fluffy, sweet, and cooperative ...

Other times, an ugly, cantakerous, slimy beast.

What better personification than a gremlin? So, from this day forward, I dub my muse Gizmo.

Gizmo shares the same three rules for proper care and maintance as his cinematic counterparts:

1. Keep it away from bright lights.

Gizmo can be shy. He doesn't always want to come out to play. I've found he's most responsive in a dim room with only the computer's glow for company.

2. Don't get it wet.

Getting Gizmo wet (as in too many glasses of wine) causes his ideas to multiply too quickly, to wit my characters meander around aimlessly for chapters on end.

3. And don't feed it after midnight

If I make the mistake of going to bed with WIP on my brain, Gizmo responds with a nasty bout of insomnia. He doesn't care that I have a house to run and children to tote about which requires a full seven hours sleep before my seven a.m. wake up call.

But when Gizmo and I are on the same page, we get along splendidly. I guess I would even say he's my hero.

So, to you Gizmo, I dedicate this song:

And to all of you, how do you personify your muse?


Leanna Renee Hieber said...

I love this so much. My Muse is historical (Victorian), wild and Gothic, because that's all I can seem to write or care to write. My Muse is sometimes elegant and proper but always really, really intense and often unpredictable. So my muse looks somewhere between Severus Snape and Loki. In a frock coat. Storming around and causing chaos. DELICIOUSLY.

Amanda Stevens said...

My muse looks like Dave Gahan. Wiry, tattooed and with a questionable past. ;)

Anita Grace Howard said...

Leanna~ Thanks so much for stopping by! I've read STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL, and you just described Alexi to a T. *swoon* :) I LOVE that you're a Victorian kind of gal. That's where my heart of hearts is, too.

Amanda~ ROFL! That's AWESOME!

Jordan Dane said...

Most of the time my muse is a sexy guy who knows how to whisper in my ear in the dark. He can morph into a shy sweet boy when I write YA or shape shift into a bad ass action hero when I write my thrillers.

But there are times he turns into Danny DiVito & yammers like Robin Williams hyped up on a chocolate and mocha latte overload.

Katey said...

Ahahahaha I love it! Your muse is both cute and horrifying--and how appropriate is that?

You've seen my muse; he's my blog poster-boy. Poor lost art boy. What can you do, right? <3

Leeanna said...

This was hilarious, and I can agree with pretty much every point. Gizmo's perfect.

I haven't ever thought about what my muse would be like. It wasn't until recently that I started realizing that I had a muse. It will be something fun to think about.