Thursday, November 22, 2012

Still feeling thankful...

by Michelle Gagnon

So I know that it's the day after Thanksgiving, but as I type this I'm still hopped up on tryptophan and sweet potato/marshmallow goodness. And I'm still reflecting on how fortunate I am, on so many fronts. I've got a fantastic kid. I love my job. I have a roof over my head, and food in the fridge. And I part of what made all of that possible is that I was fortunate enough to have fantastic parents, who made sure that I enjoyed a truly wonderful childhood.

Not everyone is that lucky, and that's why today I'm writing to ask for a favor. As many of you know, my latest novel revolves around foster kids. While researching it, I read so many horror stories about kids who experienced truly awful childhoods. And the worst part is that once those kids turn 18, they're generally shown the door, regardless of whether or not they've earned a high school degree or its equivalent. Most end up either homeless or incarcerated within the next five years.

But there's an amazing new non profit established to help these kids. It's called Rising Tides, and through it you can give directly to help former foster kids achieve their academic and life goals. It's one of the most direct ways you can affect change in someone's life-and any amount makes a difference. So please consider donating if you can.

And Happy Thanksgiving.


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Jordan Dane said...

A wonderful cause, Michelle. My friend, Whitebird, a Native American young man who helped me research my YA debut, IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS, & became the namesake for my hero--he was a foster care kid. It surprised me how he was on his own at 18, showing admirable independence & maturity. He's doing great & has a plan for his life, including college. But it struck me how vastly different his life was than other kids I knew who were his age. His struggles & positive outlook strengthened him, but I would have wished he had a safety net if he needed it. Thanks for sharing the link to Rising Tides.