Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Basic Story Stew

I love to write and I love to cook.  So I cooked up this little recipe on writing.

1 small to medium conflict
2 1/2 cups plot
1 protagonist (flawed) with goal and secret
1 bitter antagonist
8 oz. creativity (drained, juice reserved)
1 tsp. inciting incident
1 cup pure tension peeled and seeded
4 plot twists (divided)
3 tbsp. risk
1 sweet resolution
1 sprig hope
season to taste with complications, obstacles, misc. characters

Drop protagonist into conflict.  Add antagonist, inciting incident and cook on HIGH until boiling, reduce to simmer.  In separate bowl combine 1 plot twist, complications, obstacles, risk, misc. characters and creative juices.  Wisk until thoroughly blended.  Add to plot, gradually fold in tension.  Skim off fat.  Remove 1 tbsp. creative juices--set aside.  Add second plot twist, stir until steaming and plot thickens.  Add third plot twist, increase heat to MED.  When ingredients reach a steady boil, add remaining plot twist, increase heat to HIGH, cook until liquid reduces and secret is revealed.  Add resolution.  Stir vigorously while the goal sweetens and the protagonist becomes fragrant with success.  Remove antagonist and discard.

Serve over paper.  Drizzle with remaining creative juices.
Garnish with sprig of hope.


Jordan Dane said...

Ah, great recipe shared with panache. I'm hungry already.

Stephen Wallenfels said...

Panache. One of my favorite sides, subtle yet satisfying.

Sechin Tower said...

Love this! I'm going to print it out and put it in my kitchen (so I can think about it while preparing meals).