Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aberrant Adults and Irregular Juveniles... UNITE!

Happy Saturday!

I have yet to find an appealing definition of strange. I have been described as such, but I am not quite sure that there is a certain one meaning to the word. There is no strangeness in a physical form, rather it lies in the habits portrayed physically from our intellects. Is it in the way some pronounce caramel, or how some fold their laundry? It could be in the way people feel towards rain; loving its calming noises or hating the darkness it brings, maybe preferring it to sunshine and vice versa. 

Could it be enjoying little social interaction, or even none at all?
What about reading your five-hundredth book and it was over self-hypnosis from the nineteen-forties? Maybe enjoying coffee past eleven at night, or possibly fancying looking up synonyms to words you use constantly just so you can have something new to say. After all, words are precious and should be chosen wisely. Is it aberrant, an example of two lines prior, to collect old things that one averagely would not even consider valuable? Could carrying around a book in your bag in case you get bored of your company be a newfangled idea? What about being overly concerned about what is to come, or being overly concerned about everything? It is truly mystifying to think about what is strange. Do those who are not called odd ever wonder what we oddballs find irregular? Like shallow relationships, and impressing those who treat one terribly. It is common among the average, but dumbfounding to the outlandish souls.

What I also ponder every now and again, could strange ever be insult? Some who may be considered common might think so. How dreary must a life be, where being unique is not embraced? The thought churns my stomach, knowing that is a reality for some. There should be a sense of hope in most who await the day judgment dies; there must not be a fear of that day never coming.

I picked up a book over psychology a few weeks ago at a thrift store and finally got around to flipping through it today. Being curious of why people care so much about others thoughts of them and why people judge one another, I browsed about it thoroughly in the social section. I came up with development being the leading factor in a persons’ amount of self-consciousness. Judgment comes from our brain’s constant need to categorize things, including traits. This must lead to assumptions coming naturally. This may become avoidable if we can learn to relate a little more than we do at the moment. 

Just a few ramblings from the early morning thoughts that run through my mind at two o'clock. I started on a new idea for a story, and it is coming along quite nicely. It is intended to be finished before I see JD in San Diego next summer, so send some good vibes my way because I have a surprisingly optimistic feeling about this one. 


Jordan Dane said...

You better book a flight to San Antonio next summer...or I'll KNOW you are strange.

Btw, the only reason weird people stand out is because they are the ying to everyone else's yang. It could be that everyone else is conspiring to make you look odd, or it could just be you.

Have a fabo weekend, dahling. Another lovely post.

Unknown said...

Morgan and I will be there! Even if I have to stuff her inside of my suitcase! :)

Jordan Dane said...

I can see you bringing her to the RWA conference via SKYPE. Her little face on a laptop like having her head in a box. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I Will Be There With You Two, No Questions Asked You Crazy Girls!