Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thank You Mr. Green, Bearded Books!

I have recently discovered I am a "fan girl", whatever that is, for a Mr. John Green. He has written The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, etc. All I know is that he is amazingly inspiring. During this past school year, I was struggling in my World History class so I did what any good student would do. I sought help from the internet; and I found it. Green has a series of educational, and hilarious, videos to give you the gist of certain subjects in English and History, and his brother Hank teaching the sciences. These two helped me through my honors classes, and I am eternally grateful.

 Once school ended, I made a second discovery; they have a vlog. John and Hank have been entertaining me ever since. These men are insane, and I love it. I've finished Looking For Alaska, gave me an emotional breakdown beeteedubs, and it was fantastic. It is now on  my top ten most favorite books list. TFiOS will be started soon, but I do not know if I'm prepared for it yet. If you have read it, do not dare speak of it in front of me.

He has done so much with young people, but what dumbfounds me is how he connects with us. I have joined Nerdfighteria, the blog lovers are NerdFighters, and have become obsessed with everything that it encompasses. The video blog is VlogBrothers,, and there are expansions every which way. They discuss all the things you had no idea that you needed to hear a discussion about. They let you know when you are wrong about things you did not know you were wrong about. (That is more relatable with the young peoples because I realize I am wrong about something I thought I knew everything about at least twice a day.) Now the brothers of VlogBrothers? They are excellent role models because they express their inner nerd and embrace everyone else's.

John's on paternity leave, which is amazing, but he usually posts on Tuesdays, and Hank on Friday. John's obsession with Tumblr makes me feel normal, and Hank's rants in less than five minutes make me role with laughter.

Now, my mommy dearest is concerned about how much time I spend on the internet watching said videos, and the growing stacks of books in my room. My mother, in all her glory, will never understand my strange attachment to an infinite number of authors, but at least she's open to the idea of me swooning over new books instead of my lifeguard neighbor. (Her love of Stephen King is growing, so that means that we're best friends now.) She's just happy that I have moved on to authors who are still alive... We had a few issues during my Poe and Hemingway phase, but everyone survived; no worries.

Oh, did I mention Lex started another project? Bearded Book Reviews is her latest brainchild that I am happy to be apart of. We are planning on reading the latest books and sharing in a very opinionated way how we feel about them. I am not the head of this state, so if you have any questions about it ask my dear cousin when you get the chance.


Jordan Dane said...

Excellent post, Morgan. Does this new book review endeavor require you and Lexi to grow facial hair? #bighairydeal

Jordan Dane said...

What's this about a life guard neighbor? hmmmmmm?

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You betcha! ;) kiss kiss, mean it.