Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ramblings Over Cups of Coffee

This post was thrown together as I was enjoying my morning coffee. (I fancy my evening coffee as well, but that is dedicated to working novel wonders.) Some have said that I am too young for coffee. My perpetual argument is that "I cannot be measured using your mere mortal instruments, the way you cut up time into days and years. My existence is much more vast, it cannot be measured in time." Yes, I am a melodramatic teenage girl. And I apologize for myself, those who came before, and those who will come after forever and ever.

Sitting there in my Starbucks, stealing the only table that has a perfect view of the entire establishment, I people watched from behind my laptop. The way people interact is all the more fascinating when you have your headphones in. This gave me the freedom of adding my own imagination as to why, which I mightily abused. Those poor, poor souls had no idea.

My first victim was a young woman in a pantsuit with frantic eyes that gave off the feeling of being very, very late. A young woman must have ordered five or six coffees. I assumed she was an assistant, or possibly just the newest employee to a company. That, is far too boring for my palette, so an elaborate story was created for her coffee adventure. Sure, she must have been new to a company, but a company that is researching the white trails left in the sky by aircrafts. Are they toying with us, just telling us its a byproduct of the plane; or are they experimenting? Possibly with the weather? That must be why she is in a hurry. She is in charge of fueling the minds of those who are attempting to make it snow in the deserts of Nevada during July. Anything's possible, right?

Once she had gone, I focused on a group of much younger people. Four, two girls and two boys. They all had a hue of orange to their skin and expensive looking jeans. They were jawing about someone cheating on this person, blah blah blah. Their english had been very poor, though it appeared to be their first and only language. I suppose they are from my alleged peer group, or could they really be the result of more government experimentation. Could our country be breeding more and more conforming minds through  their way of "natural" selection? Quite possibly.

When the spray-tanned zombies made their exit, being hyped up by four shots of expresso each, my sights were directed towards someone who looked like they were in the people watching business as well. He came off as an average college student, but then again, average in not interesting enough. This mind of mine is set on conspiracy theories today, so I figured the government was at it again. This fellow is quite obviously is doing research for his home planet with the permission of the government. Being disguised as a young human, he can easily get his job done; in exchange for staying incognito so it does not create a fuss amongst society.

Yes, this was all in good fun. No, I am only a little crazy. Your judgement is not welcomed warmly, but welcomed nonetheless. Happy Saturday; I hope you never go people watching without being open minded enough to create something out of nothing. Remember though; it is good to be open minded, but do not let your brains fall out.


Jordan Dane said...

I can see it now. Step over Shark-nado. Make room for SHARK-latte.

Coffee lures them like bait. Anyone with coffee in their blood stream is fair game. Frappachino-chum.

I think you're on to something.

Anonymous said...

See? My lunacy is not that loony after all.

Jordan Dane said...

If you're loony, sign me up for LOON Nation. My passport needs a stamp.

Jordan Dane said...

BTW - if you're writing something, I have to read it. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

You Will Most Definitely Be Reading It Once More Progress Is Made. (:

Sechin Tower said...

This made me laugh! I think the idea of a creature that attacks only those with coffee in their systems is a great idea, too. Talk about taking the fear right where people live!

I like to play a similar game when I'm riding the bus. People-watching is an important skill for writers!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you Sechin!