Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why is Creating Your Own World So Difficult?

Ever since I started my Junior year of High School on Monday, my creative juices have gone completely flat. Mainly because of the mundane environment that is my learning establishment, but also because of not leaving my bedroom all summer. I honestly haven't touched my computer till this morning and it is a dreadful feeling. Working on a piece that contains its own little world inside, I am having a lot of trouble piecing the world together. Sifting through book after book of faerie folk and mythology, attempting to bring some long forgotten creatures back into the spotlight has been a bit crazy. How did Rowling do it? And Tolkien? C.S. Lewis? Why is a sixteen year old attempting to do so? The world may never know.

Look at that beautiful madness, I long for such beautiful madness! Being one of those "special" children, the ones who can veer off into space during a lecture, many worlds like these have been in and out of my mind. So, why is it so difficult to get everything down on a word document?

That cannot be the most important aspect, just as long as it ends up out of my mind and onto something that will preserve it... I suppose. On another note, Look! Austria! It is like its own Wonderland, but tangible! Maybe that is where the inspiration comes from, beautiful places that actually exist outside the mind.

And Switzerland, What a breathtaking view. I will move there and write my life away eventually. Everyone should have a chance to visit this place, it is life changing. The air feels different, smells different. The people walk with a certain steadiness and leisure that is not often witnessed where I'm from. It was a bit of a culture shock to say the least, being from a place where you measure distance in minutes instead of miles. You could just walk everywhere; a ground breaking idea to me, who has to drive to get anywhere. If you dislike driving as much as I do, then it is quite a phenomenal sight.  

Yes, the landscape seems to be a great deal of what makes these mystical places lovely, but I think that the creatures that they contain make it all the more worth while. Through random research at three in the morning, I came across a Ballybog. These are small faerie like creatures who are constantly covered in mud and have nasty little tempers; so I naturally enjoy the idea of such a being. So far, Welsh lore has been my favorite, being Welsh, they have such strange little people-like things. And there are Boobrie from Scotland, types of water birds that are covered in black feathers that can shapeshift into a horse that runs on top of the sea. Crazy stuff, huh?

I think I'd like such creatures to be apart of my own world, and there are countless others that have grabbed my attention. This world will not be filled of creatures that have never existed, but of creatures from the past that have been driven into hiding and are now considered fabled. It seems more appealing when there are accounts of someone encountering such beings instead of being something that you have never heard of, at least in my opinion. 

Being away from my peers for three months made me realize that I will indeed get made fun of for carrying around these types of "research" books; resulting in me having to read "The Exorcist" or "Red Dragon" in plain sight instead. This can usually keep the vapid and shallow minded quiet, but it also provokes my English teachers to become closer friends with me than their coworkers. Yesterday my teacher announced she would be a bit excited in September because the sequel to The Shining is being released. We are now Facebook friends...


Sechin Tower said...

You are amazing, Morgan! The effort you put into this world will really show.

Unknown said...

You are awesome Morgan! And your world will become all that you wish for it to be, and possibly more! :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

If your world becomes half as beautiful as your soul, it will be the most stunning place in existence.

Jordan Dane said...

Wow, this is such a cool post, Morgan. I can see your mind working on this, but I would suggest you write the book that YOU want to read. Each book for me is a push into something new that I haven't tried before. Have patience with yourself. Books are never perfect. They are ventures into "the new." I don't know who said this, but I like the quote that "Books are never finished. They are abandoned."

I think we all learn best from our mistakes. Those lessons give us the ability to see our shortcomings and work our way out of them. Your best book will always be your next one. Write the best Morgan Hubbard book you can, learn what you will, then move on to that next moment of greatness.