Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tease is Only Fun if...

by A.G. Howard

Don't you just hate when someone teases you, tempts you, and taunts you with the promise of something amazing and, then, when you're salivating at the chops, they walk away laughing without giving you anything at all? Feels kinda like this...

Well, here at ADR3NALIN3, we understand the subtle art of teasing. We're authors, after all. And we know that a tease is only fun if the teasee (yes, it's a word! I just made it one, see?) eventually gets what they're promised.

Back in January, our Weekend Warriors, Frans and his zombie twin, Hans, teased our readers on this post, promising details of how to win this EPIC ADR3NALIN3 gift pack:

Bet you thought we forgot, right? Well we didn't. And today I'm going to give you all the deets you need to make this lovely dream package a gratifying reality.

What does this pack entail, you ask?

- Jordan Dane: ON A DARK WING autographed paperback and a snack pack inspired by her main character.

- Ilsa J. Bick: DROWNING INSTINCT and ASHES autographed hardbacks

- Wendy Corsi Staub: LILY DALE: AWAKENING autographed hardback

- Jennifer Archer: THROUGH HER EYES authographed hardback

- Chris Grabenstein: CURIOSITY CAT autographed paperback and assorted bookmarks

- Dan Haring: OLDSOUL autographed ARC

- Carol M. Tanzman: DANCERGIRL autographed paperback

- Brett Battles: HERE COMES MR. TROUBLE autographed paperback

- A.G. Howard: A creepy Alice in Wonderland themed journal, ribbon bookmark, and a signed bookplate, in homage to SPLINTERED, her upcoming YA Alice in Wonderland spinoff

- AND assorted and sundry swag too numerous to mention

How to win it? Easy cheesy (you'll have to read the Frans and Hans post to truly appreciate that little adage). Just hop over to Young Adult Books Central where they're having a Mega-Giveaway of EPIC Proportions.

Our package isn't the only thing up for grabs, either. Over twenty-some established and debut YA authors donated: t-shirts, lanyards, temporary tattoos, SIGNED books, SIGNED bookmarks and bookplates, magnets, felt coffee sleeves, shuriken hair clips, a USB flash drive, bracelets, pens, notepads, keychains, and more. There are five different prize packages to win, including ours.

So what are you waiting for? Hop over and enter the giveaway! (Entrants must have a US mailing address.)

The giveaway is open for entries from now until midnight, March 1st. Winners will be announced on Friday, March 2nd.

See? Here at ADR3NALIN3, we know how to make teasing fun. (◕‿-)

Good luck, everyone!


Ruth said...

...the teasee gets what she's promised in the end!
Sounds wonderful! What a great giftpack.

Jordan Dane said...

Cheesee Teasee, you are. I'm channeling my innaer Yoda.

You're genius, promoting YA Books Central mega giveaway with our sweet package of goodies. Nice.

Anita Grace Howard said...

Ruth~ Haha! It is a great pack. I hope you enter the contest and win something! Thanks for stopping by.

JD~ Mmm. Cheeseheads. And your Yoda was spot on. :) Yeah, if I wasn't afraid of being accused of literary nepostism, I'd try to win that prize pack for myself. LOL